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Thank you all for joining me in the The Ascension Path interview series and for sharing this transformational event with your community.  

Together we will show you How to Deeply Connect with your Higher Self to create a life of Unconditional Love, Flow and Inner Peace.

I could not have done this without your support, and I am so grateful to have connected with you!

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I would love you to meet one of my friends, Karin Eke, an incredible energy healer and lightworker raising humanity’s vibration in order to align with her vision of seeing peace on Earth for everyone.

Through her own magical and mystical experiences starting back in 2010, she realised that we are so much more than just a physical body, we are all multidimensional beings and that everything in the universe is perfectly orchestrated. As a wife and mother, Karin surfed the waves of ascension alone and at times, it was a lonely process, since she went through a painful breakup as she started to step into her own power.

Karin wants to share her awakening process to guide you lovingly to reconnect with your own magical nature. She has invited me to participate in this phenomenal free video interview series featuring conscious wayshowers and inspirational speakers on the leading edge of thought called The Ascension Path: How to Deeply Connect with Your Higher Self to Create a Life of Unconditional Love, Flow, and Inner Peace. The experts will provide you with tools, tips, and their experiences to help you live in quantum flow and be on the path to a truly awakened life. This online interview series will launch on 26th June, 2018 with a new speaker every day for 3 weeks.

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend and you can register using this link : Your affiliate link

Here are just some of the topics that will be covered in the video interview series to help you and your family ascend to a new level of awareness :

  • How you and your Higher Self are working in conjunction with each other
  • You are consciousness and your Soul is ascending by each of its experiences
  • Intuition and creativity
  • The divine power of vulnerability
  • Divine connection to elevate joy in your life
  • Fifth dimensional healing
  • Staying radiant during challenging times
  • How to activate the wealth of ascension
  • The awakening of the feminine

I invite you to join this series and submerge yourself in the magic and miracles of ascension.

These interviews are real, short and to the point conversations to show you how to live a truly awakened life of unconditional love, flow, and inner peace.

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Are you looking for ways to be inspired and expand to a new level of consciousness ? Are you wanting to reconnect with your heart’s desires ?

This free online event will be featuring 21 experts, including me, sharing our top strategies, tips and experiences to inspire you on how to navigate the ascension process with ease and grace and reconnect with your inner peace.

Listening in to all these amazing interviews will help you realise that magic and miracles are all around us and living a happy and fulfilled life IS possible.

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Are you looking for ways to be inspired and expand to a new level of consciousness ? Are you wanting to reconnect with your heart’s desires ? I would like to invite you personally to the upcoming Ascension Path Interview Series. This is a FREE series featuring in-depth discussions with inspirational speakers on the leading edge of thought which could very well shift your way of thinking about the nature of reality.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this series and hope you will join me, starting June 26th by clicking the link below. Take 30 seconds right now and join in the fun. If you’re ready to blossom into your own magical being, you will definitely want to attend ! See you there !

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Reminder! Have you signed up yet for The Ascension Path Interview Series launching on 26th June ?

If you haven’t registered, you can do so by clicking the link below !

This is a FREE, one-of-a-kind event where conscious wayshowers from around the world will be sharing their wisdom and experiences so that you can open up to magic and miracles in your life and reconnect with your true, divine being.

If you know that there is so much more to life than meets the eye, then these interviews are not to be missed !

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Are you on an awakening path and wanting to learn how to ride the waves of ascension ?

I want to personally invite you to the upcoming Ascension Path Interview Series. You can register by clicking the link below.

I was asked to participate in this incredible event featuring influential speakers who have learned how to become aligned with their true purpose and are now teaching this to others. They are going to be sharing their own personal path to help you in turn become your true, authentic divine self.

I can’t wait to see you there!!

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